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#1 Question: What is Affiliate Marketing?
Answer: Affiliate Marketing is a method used to promote an Advertiser’s online business in which an Affiliate (an individual or company unrelated to the Advertiser) is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, lead, or sale generated for the Advertiser through that Affiliate’s efforts.
#2 Question: I work with a number of affiliate networks. So, why should I work with IMServiceCenter.com?
Answer: There are literally hundreds of Networks for an Affiliate to consider. The challenge is finding the right ones to work with. We recommend doing your homework and then joining and evaluating networks that seem like a good fit for you. Working with multiple networks gives you access to more offers and will allow you to find the network that provides you with the best opportunity for success. We are confident that once you join IMServiceCenter.com, you won’t find another company more dedicated to your success.
#3 Question: What makes IMServiceCenter.com different from other affiliate networks?
Answer: We are dedicated to your success. At IMServiceCenter.com, we work with you to maximize your income potential. Our mission is simple. When you are successful– we are successful!We provide a wide variety of benefits you won’t find at other networks.•World Class Affiliate Support•Top Performing Offers Across Multiple Verticals•High Payouts and Monthly Payments•Multiple commission tiers•Value Added Services.If there is one thing that truly sets us apart from the rest of the industry it is our focus on providing unparalleled Affiliate Support. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in everything we do –and providing world class Affiliate Support is just one way we go about achieving that goal
#4 Question: I’m new to Affiliate Marketing. How does IMServiceCenter.com help less experienced affiliates become more successful?
Answer: Our mission is to helping each of our Affiliates become more successful– whether they are top performing Affiliates or brand new to the business. Our Affiliate Managers are here to provide their expertise and help you learn more about the industry and grow your business. We also provide industry leading training and education to help all of our Affiliates keep up with technological advances, legal compliance issues, and other topics that can make the difference in your future success.
#5 Question: How does IMServiceCenter.com track leads or sales generated by each affiliate?
Answer: We use our build in tracking system. By placing pixels on the advertiser’s confirmation page, our system is able to track impressions, clicks, and leads or sales. You are able to track all this activity in the statistics area after you log in to the system, to see how each of the offers you are promoting is performing.
#6 Question: What kind of affiliate support does IMServiceCenter.com offer?
Answer: Providing world class Affiliate Support is one of the cornerstones of our business. From Affiliate Managers who are here to help you find the right campaigns to promote, to educational sessions to keep you up-to-date on industry issues and technological advances, we provide you with everything you need to be successful and we will be with you every step of the way.
#7 Question: How are affiliates paid?
Answer: IMServiceCenter.com pays on monthly basis as long as the affiliate has made at least $50 in commissions for that month.IMServiceCenter.com also offers 60% commission, provided the affiliate generates at least $500,00 in commissions.We
also provide a direct payment to your Paypal account, Contact us if you have any
questions about our payment options.
#8 Question: How does IMServiceCenter.com communicate with affiliates?
Answer: Effective communication is one of our most important initiatives. Affiliate
Managers maintain regular contact with all of their Affiliates via email.In
addition, weekly email newsletters are sent out to all Affiliates with updates
on new campaigns, company news, Affiliate tips, features on IMServiceCenter.com
team members, and regular updates on what’s going on in the IMServiceCenter.com
office.You will also receive occasional Special Announcement emails, with timely
news and updates on promotions or other events.
#9 Question: What types of marketing initiatives can I use to promote offers?
Answer: Our Affiliates utilize the full spectrum of online marketing initiatives to promote
our offers – Banner Ads, Flash Banner Ads, Text Ads, for Website Placement.
#10 Question: Can I join IMServiceCenter.com if I reside outside the United States?
Answer: Yes, we have a number of Affiliates outside the U.S and around the World.Your control panel provides 17 languages you can set to. We provide a wide variety of international offers for Affiliates to run. The international market is one of our
fastest growing verticals and you can expect to find an increasing number of
international offers in our system in the coming months, making it even more
attractive for international Affiliates to join the Affiliate Pro progran.
#11 Question: How Much Does it Cost to Join?
Answer: Nothing! It’s absolutely FREE. There is no application fee or minimum sales requirement.
#12 Question: How long does it take for sales information and revenue to show on my reports?
Answer: You will be able to view your sales information and revenue instantly!
Each sale will be marked as either ‘PAID’ or ‘OWED’ so you can effortlessly keep track of payments that we’ve sent out.
#13 Question: What value added services are available to affiliates?
Answer: We provide a wide range of marketing services through our various divisions.Email List Management, Domain Registration, Coaching program and various Website Services as website design, graphic design, banner design, flash banner design and Giveaway events are just an example of the additional services we make available to our Affiliates.
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